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Articles Related to the Beck Units

  • The Beck Protocol

    Guide to Using the Beck Protocol

    This Guide offers step-by-step instructions on how to use each of the four parts of the Beck Protocol – how often, how long, what to expect, and more. This Guide also offers suggestions for a more intensive program of use as well as providing insights gained by experience with the Protocol.

  • Micropulsing or Blood Electrification

    Microcurrent Therapy

    Explore the nature of microcurrent therapy, the electrical nature of the body, and the many ways microcurrents of electricity help the body heal. Gain glimpses into the unique history surrounding the use of electricity to heal, Bob Beck's excitement when he discovered the medical research on which he based micropulsing for blood electrification, as well as research using micropulsing to help clear malaria.

    How to Build Your Own

    Are you the "Do It Yourself" type? Bob Beck arranged for his original designs to be available so you can build your own blood electrification unit that also makes ionic colloidal silver. Download the schematics and instructions here:

  • Pulsed Magnetic Fields

    Image Man Magnetic Pulsing Shoulder

    Magnetic Pulsing Heals

    Pulsed magnetic therapy, also known as pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy (PEMF), is gaining broad acceptance from veterinary use to conventional medicine. This article reviews medical research using pulsed magnetic fields to heal from difficult-to-heal bone fractures and wounds to helping regenerate nerves. This article describes how PEMF creates microcurrents in deep tissue such as organs and lymph, and supports healthy immune function.

    How to Build Your Own

    Are you the "Do It Yourself" type? Bob Beck arranged for his original designs to be available so you can build your own pulsed magnetic field unit. Download the schematics and instructions here:

  • Ionic Colloidal Silver

    Ionic Colloidal Silver Heals

    Learn about silver and its germ-fighting qualities, including research using silver, safety levels, and an amazing array of topical uses: from wound healing, to community water purification, to hospital equipment, to the food processing industry, and more.

    The Scoop on Argyria

    What is argyria and what is the risk? Electrically-generated ionic colloidal silver made with distilled water has been used safely for decades, yet there are occasional reports of individuals who develop argyria through taking excessive amounts over several years. This article offers suggestions on how to avoid the rare risk of argyria, as well as specific protocols that may help reverse argyria.

  • Ozonated Water

    Ozone for Health

    This article sheds light on misconceptions regarding ozone from its role in air pollution, to surprising research on healing the lungs of mice, to its importance in scavenging free radicals. The article also reveals extensive medical and dental use of ozone and how our bodies produce ozone to help protect us.

  • Brain Tuner

    Brain Tuner Audio Lecture and Transcription

    The 1983 lecture by Bob Beck was given when he launched his Brain Tuner. Bob tells the story of how his Brain Tuner came to be and how it works. He also provides insight about people who were involved in cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) research in earlier years.

    Harmonic Frequencies to Balance the Brain

    This article provides historical evidence for the use of harmonic frequencies for healing as well as research specific to the use of cranial electro stimulation (CES) for addictions, anxiety, depression, pain and more. The role of the FDA in the United States to limit the availability of CES despite decades of effective use is also featured. Includes excerpts from three books that featured Bob Beck's Brain Tuner.

    Omni Magazine Article

    The cover of the January 1983 issue announces The Black Box: Secret Drug Treatment of Rock Superstars. Inside, an article by Kathleen McAuliffe, titled Brain Tuner, featured Dr. Margaret Patterson and her work in helping rock star Pete Townshend overcome his addiction. This article inspired Bob Beck to develop his Brain Tuner.

  • Beck Protocol Handbook

    Bob Beck's Handbook is based on Bob's original papers titled, Take Back Your Power! The Beck Protocol Handbook is the source to easily review all four steps of the Beck Protocol. The Handbook includes testimonials from individuals who have used the Beck units, as well as schematics and instructions on how to build the Beck units. Also included is an abridged transcript of his lecture to introduce the Brain Tuner – how it came to be and what makes it work.

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