Dr. Robert (Bob) C. Beck, D.Sc.

Bob Beck created the Beck Protocol, a natural health, bioelectric protocol designed to help the body heal itself. His passion for using electrotherapy technology to help us heal led him to develop five ways to improve health. Four of the steps work together and have become known as the Beck Protocol or the Bob Beck Protocol. The first of the four steps is the use of microcurrents of electricity known as micropulsing or blood electrification. The second step is magnetic pulsing, the application of a pulsed magnetic field. Drinking ionic colloidal silver is the third step and drinking ozonated water is the fourth. The fifth way applies mild frequencies to harmonize and relax the brain using his Brain Tuner, also known as the Bio Tuner.

People who try the Beck Protocol come from all walks of life. Some are looking for a way to gain better health, others are facing a health challenge or are at a point where established health protocols have failed them. One comment we hear from many that try the Beck Protocol is that they have come to realize that our health is up to each of us. As you learn more about Bob Beck and the Beck Protocol, let your heart be your guide in order to decide if this is right for you. This is an opportunity, as Bob would say, to “Take Back Your Power.”

Robert C. Beck or, as he preferred, Bob Beck, was a champion of the people in health matters. He believed in freely sharing what he discovered.

As the official source of information about Bob Beck and the health legacy he gave to the world, we honor his accomplishments and celebrate his life. His legacy continues through this website as we continue to share more about the Beck Protocol and the Brain Tuner. Interviews with Bob, Bob’s personal effects, his lectures, the experiences of those who use the Beck units, as well as interviews with those who knew him well, are our resources for the information you read here.

The Beck Protocol

The Beck Protocol was developed gradually from 1991 to 1997. It is a bioelectric, natural health protocol designed to help the body heal itself. The first step is known as micropulsing, blood electrification or microcurrent therapy. The second step is magnetic pulsing, the third is drinking ionic colloidal silver and the fourth part is drinking ozonated water. The Beck Protocol appears to have a positive effect on the immune system, at a very basic level, to help our bodies with a wide variety of health challenges.

The Beck Protocol

Brain Tuner or Bio Tuner

The Brain Tuner was developed by Bob Beck in 1983. He was among the first to simplify a cranial electrical stimulation (CES) type unit to make it easy to use in the home. The application of healing frequencies to the head is known to enhance brain function which helps decrease stress and anxiety as well as improve memory and sleep. The Brain Tuner has also been used for help with addictions.

The Brain Tuner
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Bob’s Life

Bob Beck was a man with an amazing array of interests and accomplishments. The life story of Robert C. Beck reveals his brilliance, his accomplishments, his sometimes gruff exterior, his sensitivity, his foibles, and most importantly, his warm heart.

Bob’s Life


Read, watch, or listen as individuals share their real-life experiences with the Beck Protocol—micropulsing, magnetic pulsing, ionic colloidal silver, and ozonated water—as well as the Brain Tuner.


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